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          Everstar Light Industry Product Branch Company mainly focuses on designing, manufacturing, exportation area of outdoor furniture. With years’ development and growth, we are competent to be your partner to help you win in your market, because we have more and know more…

          1.More investment & intelligence in design – we have a design team to provide eye-catching but market oriented products each season;

          2.More production support – we invest and support our factories to achieve smooth production and prompt delivery even in production peak season. Now, we are achieving more than 500 ctnrs’ shipment each year.

          3.More solution to exportation – our logistics team would work to guarantee the smoothness of each shipment.

          4.More info. & solution for the target markets – we have big chain store customers, professional distributor/dealer customers in Europe, North America, etc. We learn more from our customers, we do market research, as a result we are able to provide professional solutions tailing to each market.

          Hence, we are ready to cooperate and grow with you!

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